Bread and Circuses; Parallel between Tennis and Chess.

 When in a Sport one person takes dominance with several steps ahead, history is being written. Djokovic in Tennis, Carlsen in chess, Michael Jordan in Basketball, Michael Phelps in swimming or Usain Bolt in running. Most of fun for spectators goes to show + personality. Below is the link of Novak Djokovic acing both part. Putting up show + explaining process in a vivid way. Shedding light the whole tennis situation, from mental to physical situation of players. This is the reason I write this post. That is what truly admires a genuine sport spectator. This is what chess lacks so desperately ! Mental explanations. What each of them are bringing on the table. Not envious words of exchange, with dry comments like: 11.Rb1, 9.h4 or 18.Re4.
 Djokovic about Raonic: ”Milos is probably playing the best tennis that he has ever played. His serve was phenomenal before the start of this season, but this season it seems like he has improved even more, especially the second serve. He’s going for it more. He’s not giving you the same look.”
 The best thing is that respect and competition is explained simply and openly in several words. Djokovic: ”Even though he hasn’t played too many Masters finals,he’s still very strong mentally. He’s very calm on the court. He’s very composed. He’s showing virtues that are characteristic for some more experienced and older players. That’s one of the impressive things about him.”
 Another very highly notable characteristic, respect towards your opponent. Djokovic on Nadal: ” I’m just glad to overcome this challenge that is one of the greatest in sport, as it always is playing against Rafa.”
This is the reason why chess does not have as many followers as it deserves. This is why chess is humiliatingly considered more boring than tons of other spheres !!
Reference: This is the article that I was talking about.…

50 Percent

Giri: I can tell you that in this tournament nobody is intending to play dull games. I mean, if anybody it’s me, but I’m not intending, so nobody is intending to play dull games


Anand: you are too hard on yourself. (patting on the shoulder)

Freud of Chess

I think Svidler is Freud of post-mortem and arguably the most intelligent top chess player. Figure that can explain himself very clearly in a nice manner (habit that is not so common in chess world) + he can actually compete other sharks on appropriate level.


Hikaru-touch-king-minNakamura’s j’adoube was obviously epicenter of attention today.
After touching his king, Hikaru was asked to make losing move and resigned shortly after several moves.

I have seen comments of many respectable players, thinking that if not 74…Kf8, game should be close to draw. Though, Levon himself stated in press conference that position is winning for white in any case.

In the link below, Member of US National chess team, Sam Shankland clarifies course of events.

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